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The History of The Malibu Dream Resort

From the pink flush of sunset over the dramatic Malibu Mountains to the sweep of white-capped waves in the distance, The Malibu Dream Resort harnesses the kind of atmosphere that’s meant for crafting and telling the grandest of love stories. It’s a landscape that calls to the romantic at heart; in 1997, the stretch of paradise upon which the estate now stands beckoned to Alvin and Barbara Rotter.

In this property, the Rotters saw their future — a place in which they might cultivate great joy and discover even greater adventures. Together, they built a family and a legacy: The Rancho Del Sol Pacifico, an estate unlike any other. The fertile grounds served as the foundation for the Rotters’ lush vineyards, which would produce an award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon that ranked each year among the finest in California. Sprawling pastures accommodated the couples’ love of animals, including the more than 100 professional Andalusian horses they raised throughout the years.

As the Rotters built, grew, and loved, so too did the ranch’s reputation for its exquisite beauty. Even when tragedy struck, the Rotters did not waver. Despite extensive damage to the property, the loss of the winery, and the loss of several cherished horses due to the devastating wildfires that affected the Malibu Canyon in November of 2018, the Rotters maintained their steadfast devotion to the property, and to each other. 


Unable to rebuild on their own but adamant that the estate should return to its former glory, Alvin and Barbara passed along this historic ranch over to its new buyers. They, too, saw the possibilities of the inspiring land and poured more than a million dollars of resources into restoring the property to its fullest, with no luxury spared.


The Legacy

To continue the legacy of the Rotters, the owners decided that the newly named The Malibu Dream Resort would host unforgettable staycations making it one of the most exclusive destinations in the world. At its core, the property stands as the pinnacle of elegance, a distinctive estate for the elite tucked away among the rolling hills and panoramic ocean vistas. After decades spent as the mesmerizing backdrop for stories, The Malibu Dream Resort now hosts its own one-of-a-kind experiences, combining the best facets of staycations, and opulent retreats, to give guests unforgettable memories with their family and friends.

Whether you're in pursuit of the perfect relaxing staycation or adventure leave the details to us. Our expert team will ensure that your experience is executed flawlessly.